6 Speed Motorbike

6 Speed Lego Motorbike MOC – 455 pieces

– 6 speed gearbox with selection via footpeg inspired by Thirdwigg
– front and rear suspension
– inline 3 engine
– steering
– kickstand
– non working minor details: headlights, indicators, mirrors, clutch and brake levers, etc

Studs – 38 long x 14 wide x 22 high
30.3 x 11.6 x 21.1cm

Gear ratios

1st – 3.75
2nd – 5.625
3rd – 6.25
4th – 9.375
5th – 10.417
6th – 15.625

Gear selection

Sample instructions pages



Technic 40 year anniversary model


I was just browsing the Lego instructions website and noticed that they had put up the instructions for the Technic 40 year anniversary model that you can combine 42057 + 42061 + 42063 to make.

If you expand any of these sets instructions it will be available for download like the B-model instructions





Lego Technic Grader MOC

Lego Technic Grader MOC

A grader is a model that Lego has never really had a proper try at for some reason. They have produced a couple of pretty poor, in my opinion, B-model graders.

So after realising this was the case I then began to look for other MOC’s and came across some built for a competition which was won by Benny3000. I initially just set out to build a copy of this for myself to play with based on photos of it. I then started modifying parts of the model and ended up redesigning about 90% of the model in the end.

– Hand of God and in cabin steering (this and the seat is about all that remains of the model by Benny3000)
– pendular suspension of all axles
– inline 6 engine
– openable doors and engine covers
– rear ripper
– blade height adjustment
– blade angle adjustment
– blade roll adjustment
– blade yaw adjustment
– other minor details; lights, mirrors and access ladders to cabin

Studs – 55 long x 18 wide x 20 high
43.3 x 13.7 x 15.5cm

735 pieces

Door open

Doors and engine cover open

Blade angles changed and rear ripper lowered

Testing the pendular suspension










This website will be where I am going to show my Lego MOC’s (my own creations) and any other Lego news or creations that I find interesting and hopefully you find interesting too.